The Accrington Pals
The Accrington Pals

by Peter Whelan

Directed by Lesley Strachan

Tuesday 18th -
Saturday 22nd March, 2014

The Tower Theatre performing
at the Bridewell Theatre

Photography by Ruth Anthony

Read cast member Richard Brent's diary on the preparations for the show

Tom : George Turner
May : Jillian Bradley
Arthur : Anthony Green
Reggie : Charlie Bailey
Ralph : Richard Brent
Eva : Amy Harrison
Annie : Jessica Hammett
Sarah : Michelle Fox
Bertha : Jenny Ross
CSM Rivers : Justin Stahley

Production Team
Director : Lesley Strachan
Set Design : Jude Chalk
Costume Design : Simona Hughes and Jessica Hammett
Lighting Design : Rob Irvine
Sound Design : Ruth Sullivan

Stage Manager : Sara George
ASMs : Tom Tillery, Lynn Facey
Lighting Operator : Michael Bettell or Shameem Matin
Sound Operator : Conor Byrne
Assistant Director : Simona Hughes
Dialect Coaches : Sue Brodie
Voice Coach : Julia Collier
Movement Coach : Lindsey Royan, Richard Kirby
Publicity Co-Ordinator : Sue Brodie
Set Construction and Get-in : Keith Syrett, Jude Chalk, Michael Bettell, Phillip Ley, Laurence Tuerk and members of the cast & crew