by Caryl Churchill

Directed by Jonathan Reed

Tuesday 12 - Sunday 17 September, 2023

In the Tower Theatre Studio, Stoke Newington

Performed in repertory with A Report to an Academy, by Franz Kafka.

Photography by Jason Harris

Cast List

Valery : Kate Pemberton
Di : As Richards
Cliff : Nathaniel Barker


Production Team

Director : Jonathan Reed
Set Design : Angelika Michitsch
Lighting Design: Alexander Kampmann
Sound Design: Ruth Sullivan
Costume Design: Peter Westbury

Stage Manager: Laurence Tuerk
Lighting Operator: Sandra Reveira
Set Construction and Rigging: Gary O’Keefe, Diksha Jagtap, Trinidad Prieto, Stephanie Grundy

Kate Pemberton
Kate Pemberton is an actor, comic and theatre maker who recently relocated to London from Copenhagen, where she performed, improv, plays and stand up, and worked as a voiceover artist. Her acting credits include Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, The Seasons: A Bloody Musical, Treasure Island and Lowpoint Cemetery. Her writing includes Lipstick Pens and Love in The Age of Lockdown. Seagulls is her debut with the Tower Theatre and she is thrilled to be a part of this production.
  As Richards
Seagulls is As Richards' second show with the Tower Theatre; she appeared in Under Milk Wood earlier this year. She has been a member of the Park Theatre Company (and its previous iterations) for several years. With them she has played Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (abridged); John Proctor in The Crucible (abridged), and appeared in several new pieces written by Martin Murphy (Bruised Sky Productions) including the award-winning Jury.
Nathanial Barker
This is Nathanial Barker's debut performance at the Tower Theatre. He joined as a member in March 2023. Seagulls will be his first acting run since 2015, when he appeared in a production of Lord of the Flies at university. In his professional life, Nat is a journalist.
  Jonathan Reed
This is Jonathan Reed's third production at the Tower having been assistant director for Writer's Room in 2022 and for Old Bridge earlier this year, and Seagulls is now the first scripted play he is directing. Jon is an avid fan of improvisation, both performing it and using it in the rehearsal process. Jon directs and performs in ‘Live Wired Comedy Improvisation’ and has performed improvisation across London since 2015, and has learnt from some incredible improvisers from London and Chicago along the way.