Spring Forward  
Two Billion Beats

by Sonali Bhattacharyya

Directed by Olivia Chakraborty

Tuesday 28 February - Saturday 4 March, 2023

At the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington

One of five plays performed together as part of Spring Forward - a collection of short plays directed by members of the Tower's New Directors' scheme.

Photography by Robert Piwko

Cast List

Asha : Thissy Dias
Bettina : Chaachi Deane

Production Team

Director : Olivia Chakraborty
Costume Design : Emma Efkeman
Sound Design: Olivia Chakraborty with Ruth Sullivan
Assistant Director : Amreen R


For Spring Forward

Producer: Angharad Ormond
Set Design: Angharad Ormond with Jude Chalk
Lighting Design: Alexander Kampmann

Stage Managers: Ragan Keefer and Jack Pattison
Lighting Operator: Eleanor Albu or Andrew Davis
Sound Operator: Kaushal Ginige
Set Construction and Rigging: Phillip Ley, Keith Syrett, Paul Graves, Laurence Tuerk and members of the company
Fight Director: Richard Kirby

Thisakya Dias Gunasekera
Thisakya Dias Gunasekera joined the Tower Theatre in January 2022. It is her first theatrical endeavour after a decade-long break - she previously cultivated her love of acting from her early years, performing with The Young Theatre Company and the National Youth Theatre, before acting in a number of plays and short films at the University of Warwick, where she studied Politics. Thissy’s last production, The Babysitter, won four awards at National Students Drama Festival and went on to complete a full run at the Pleasance Courtyard during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  Chaachi Deane
Two Billion Beats is Chaachi Deane's first show with the Tower. She has been passionate about drama and music from a young age and performed in a variety of productions during her school and university days. After an extended break, she has found her way back to acting and singing and was thrilled to recently play Aladdin in the Mildmay Club’s first ever pantomime.
Olivia Chakraborty
This is Olivia Chakraborty's first production with the Tower Theatre; previous directing credits include Mind Your Language, Julius Caesar and You, Me and Noor. Olivia trained in Speech and Drama (alongside an Engineering degree!) and found her love for acting at a school and university performing in various plays and productions in India and abroad, but believes directing is her true calling. She especially loves and is constantly on the hunt for scripts by emerging playwrights focussed on social issues and stuff 'less talked about'. She is hoping for a long and fun engagement with the Tower Theatre. When not directing, Olivia can be found in the city, working on Mergers and Acquisitions!