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Reaction to our shows
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Reaction to our shows

Here's a selection of comments we received on our productions in 2011 ...

Her Naked Skin Her Naked Skin

I was deeply impressed by the production and the standard of the acting. I thought your clever use of recorded sound interwoven with the voices of the actors was particularly innovative. The staging, costumes and lighting were also very impressive. The audience were very caught up in the personal stories in the play and by the historical context and the important issues relating to the liberation of women which were at the heart of the drama.
(Audience member J.S.)

5/11 The Maids

I thought the performances, from three of the Tower's strongest actresses, were superb; the set, sound and lighting were beautifully judged and the whole experience was deeply unsettling. Well done to all involved!
(Audience member J.W.)

5/11 5/11

The atmospheric production tells the tale of the team behind the Gunpowder Plot ... We are taken into a world of religious and political wrangling, Protestants versus Catholics, old money versus new money - and a gay King James, excellently portrayed by Alex Cooper. The main protagonists play their parts well, with Laurence Ward providing a convincing Robert Catesby who was the chief Catholic zealot, an Osama bin Laden if you will. Ian Hoare's Robert Cecil is suitably detestable as a backstabbing noble and Henry Garnet [Martin South] is convincing as a hidden and troubled Jesuit priest ... a good telling of a fascinating concept.
(Nathan Pierce for the Islington Gazette, Hornsey Journal, Tottenham Journal and the web site London24. .)

Darker Shores Darker Shores

Last night's play Darker Shores was fantastic, one of the best I have seen, especially for the atmosphere. The set worked so well such a large decaying church, the use of lights, wind, incenses, overhead noises making it all perfectly eerie at times. My fav bit was the use of the church sculptures at the back and a very good and well acted story. Hard to believe such a small cast was able to create such atmosphere.
(Audience member C.D., London.)

Terrorism Terrorism

The overwhelming impression is of a production that continues to resonate, long after the performance is over ...
... Directing such a complex and unusual play is a challenge in which Andy Marchant succeeds superbly. It is an ensemble production, with a uniformly high standard of performance by a large and talented cast, portraying a range of emotions both universal and very Russian.

(Jill Truman in the Tottenham, and Wood Green Journal.)

The Odd Couple The Odd Couple

The ladies were a sheer delight. From off-duty cop Mickey (Katherine Williams) to tarty, gum-chewing Sylvie (Tracy-Lee Batchelor), in-your-face Renee (Deborah Rothfield) and cuddly but slow-witted Vera (F. Wilde) they were a riot of big hair, big shoulder pads and big Noo Yawk Attitood. Accents were perfect throughout.
Even more impressive were Jonathan Benda (Manolo) and Jonathan Wober (Jesus) as the English-mangling Costazuela brothers. They only had one scene and a bit but, thanks to superb characterisation and perfect comic timing, stole it completely. I must say that, like all the cast, they were aided and abetted in their efforts by some spot-on costuming - full marks to wardrobe team Sheila Burbidge, Jill Batty and Lynda Twidale.

(Paul Campion in Sardines magazine.)

The Boy Friend The Boy Friend in Cornwall

Just a quick word to thank the members of the cast, the band and production crew for a superb performance last night. The Boy Friend is one of our favourite musicals and your production is one of the best we have seen.
(Audience members M. & F.B., Bathpool, Cornwall)

With some friends, I travelled from Camborne last night to see The Boy Friend. We come to Sterts 2 or 3 times a year, and are rarely disappointed in the quality of what we see.
However, this production of The Boy Friend stands out as being faultless. I would be grateful if you would pass on our thanks to the Tower Theatre for such a wonderful evening.

(Audience member R.H., Cambourne)

The Boy Friend The Boy Friend in London

Janet South fully demonstrated her experience with the Tower Theatre Company, delivering her duet "Fancy Forgetting" with Ian Recordon with seductive flair. Another unexpected highlight was a fun, if unlikely, pairing between young schoolgirl Dulcie (Victoria Davis) and senior admirer Lord Brockhurst (Frank Crocker).
(Rebecca Sheppard in West End Extra.)

Macbeth Macbeth in Paris

It was so enchanting to come see the Tower Theatre perform superbly Macbeth at the Théâtre de Verdure Saturday evening. Once again thank you for what you are doing for culture and Franco-British entente!
(Audience member P.L., Paris)

We have both been motivated to return to reading Shakespeare, so the afternoon had a lasting impact! You can be sure that we shall be enthusiastic participants next year.
(Rosemary Banks, New Zealand Ambassador to France)

We have just had the chance to attend your Macbeth performance. It was exceptional and even the rain didn't dare to intrude too much. Well done !!
(Audience members J. & E. B., Paris)

Everyone I took to see Macbeth yesterday enjoyed it enormously, even though some did not have adequate English. It was an excellent performance. We were very well seated. Thank you.
We shall return next year. Indeed, my two English conversation groups have already decided that this should be our summer outing with coffeee beforehand and picnic after.

(Audience member S.S., Paris)

Macbeth Macbeth in London

The players created many magical moments over the course of one of the Bard's most intense plays under the talented eye and assured hand of director, Ruth Sullivan.
Simon Boughey in the title role is an absolute delight. His physical presence and regal bearing are just right for the character ... Julie Arrowsmith as Lady Macbeth takes the iconic role and makes it her own ... Aqil Zahid and Laurence Ward deserve special mentions for Macduff and Banquo respectively ... but the highest mention has to go to Jimmy Smallwood as Malcolm. Smallwood is focused, clear and enigmatic in the role and has a clear knack for bringing the verse to life.
Backstage, there was definitely an understanding of what elements go into creating spectacular moments. The soundscape, particularly the percussion, was evocative and interesting, and the witches' scenes were made all the more other-worldly with this element. The lighting was simple yet served the story well and the set transitions were also simple and elegant.

(Matthew Partridge in Remote Goat. Awarded 4 stars.)

Princess Ivona Princess Ivona

The acting is universally of the high standard we expect from The Tower Theatre Company, with particularly strong performances by Ian Recordon and Anne Connell as the king and queen.
(Jill Truman in the Tottemham and Wood Green Journal.)

Dinner Dinner

The cast is exemplary; the Tower is a non-professional company, though you'd never know ... it's a fantastic ensemble and every performance is spot-on.
(Kevin Sherwin in Remote Goat. Awarded 4 stars.)

Smells of Wee Smells of Wee

As a fun evening out, this play will give you the laughs you want and you certainly won't look at red elastic bands in the same way again.
(Rhiannon Mosson in Red Reviews)