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Reaction to our shows
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Reaction to our shows

Here's a selection of comments we received on our productions during 2019 ...

Rules for Living Rules for Living

Directing, John Chapman does an excellent job of carrying the audience along with the play's unique demands and he is well-supported by a superb cast... Outstanding among them is Katarzyna Chodurek as Carrie ... a fabulous performance by Hattie Hahn ... Adam Hampton-Matthews and Dickon Farmar set sparks flying from the off ... Rosanna Preston in a performance that switches like a pendulum from manic to stoic and back again ... Tom Tillery as a former judge who has lost the use of his legs and feet but proves to be more than capable of using his hands.

The set is excellent and the technical team do a very good job – not to mention what must be the hardest working stage management team in amateur theatre ... a very entertaining evening, as one would expect from one of London’s finest amateur companies.

(Louis Mazzini for London Theatre 1. Awarded 4 stars.)

John Chapman utilises all his consummate efficiency in meticulously planning the play's crescendo, where it's impossible to decide where to look as mayhem, quite literally, explodes in hilarious fashion.
The denouement also requires spot-on timing from the strong ensemble, who all turn-in distinctive and considered performances that prove entirely engaging and believable in a well-honed production.

(Alex Wood for Act Drop. Awarded 4 stars.)

One of the biggest highlights from the off is Set Designer Rob Hebblethwaite's spectacular work .. he has crafted what is surely one of the most beautifully elaborate and alive sets you'll ever see in any London fringe production.
Chapman confidently directs a fast-paced, compelling work full of fine performances from a close-knit ensemble.

(Christopher O'Dea-Giordano for London Theatre Reviews. Awarded 4 stars.)

The play is a challenging one to stage, but director John Chapman rises to the task admirably in this accomplished new production at the Tower Theatre. The excellent cast, too, who display expert comic timing and complete conviction throughout, enthusiastically seize the opportunity to bring their dysfunctional characters to full three-dimensional life.
This entertaining, high-quality production is highly recommended.

(The Blog of Theatre Things.)

The Beauty Queen of Leenane The Beauty Queen of Leenane

The Tower Theatre Company delivers a top-notch revival of Martin McDonagh's 1996 play that combines comedy and tragedy in almost equal measure - a wonderful, unmissable drama ... Phillip Ley's lovingly executed design provides the perfect setting, describing a shabby dwelling that hasn't seen much love or care in decades, ably reflecting the nature of the decaying relationship at the heart of this play.
(Peter Brown for ActDrop. Awarded 5 stars.)

The Tower Theatre Company provide us with some very fine acting. Amanda Waggott plays Mag with a great deal of skill; Julia Flatley excels as Maureen; Nick Cannon impresses as Pato; Simon Brookes' portrayal (is) a bundle of impatience and alienation.
(Alex Wood for Sardines magazine.)

Amanada Waggott's ability to balance frailty and seeming harmlessness with taloned cruelty is quite spectacular, and Julia Flatley is an equally armed adversary ... In stark contrast, Nick Cannon's open-faced, sweet nature seems completely foreign in this household ... he's a pleasant reminder that this room isn’t the whole world, and that not everyone is full of rancour and vitriol.
(Miriam Sallon for The Spy in the Stalls. Awarded 4 stars.)

This show is amazing! Superb acting. Beautiful set and absolutely brilliant direction. I loved it. Well done to all involved!
(Audience member C.E.M-L.)

Blithe Spirit Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit grabs you immediately the lights come up with the sumptuous warmth and colour of the set that fills every nook and cranny of the stage. Jude Chalk and the production team have done a wonderful job of creating a permanent backdrop for the ensuing drama ... This tricky though brilliant comic work has been marvelously directed by Dan Usztan and should definitely be seen ...
(Stella Henney for Sardines magazine.)

David Hankinson proves more than up to the mark in his well-judged portrayal of the hapless writer Charles Condomine ... Madame Arcati provides actors with a gift of a role which sometimes leads to excess ... Alison Liney applies restraint, but nevertheless impresses with her domineering persona and obvious charisma ... Anna Fiorentini is highly impressive as Ruth ... There's commendable support from Alistair Maydon and Louisa Shindle as the Bradmans, and Sophie King is cooly petulant and suitably ethereal as Elvira. Myriam Laurent completes the able ensemble as Edith the maid ...
(Peter Brown for ActDrop. Awarded 4 stars.)

Director Dan Usztan's production definitely charms and makes for a very fun night out. He takes full advantage of his talented cast to bring this story to life with humour while showing great respect to the source material, allowing Coward's wonderful play to fizz and amuse, as it should.
(Stephanie Ressort for Viewfromtheoutside blog.)

The Tower Theatre Company again displays comedic excellence as they lift Noël Coward's witty and well-timed words from the page ferociously and successfully in their latest performance.
(Amber Jackson for BroadwayBaby. Awarded 4 stars.)

Breaking the Code Breaking the Code

Matt Cranfield's Alan Turing is a delight to watch ... this intriguing and heartfelt production is a decent tribute to a highly honourable man.
(Chris Omaweng for London Theatre 1. Awarded 4 stars)

Aware of the hard work, commitment and skill the Tower invests into the eighteen or so productions they present each year, I found Breaking the Code to reflect all of these elements in its accomplished and skilful production of a complex and poignant subject matter ... the well-orchestrated and nimble direction of this touching play, is definitely worth watching both for the production value and the subject matter.
(Stella Henney for Sardines magazine.)

Really terrific show with great performances - and very moving. Go and see it as soon as you can!
(Audience member S.B.)

Dead Funny Dead Funny

The show is a breath of fresh and satirical air that those that are crude enough will take great delight in laughing at.
(Amber Jackson for BroadwayBaby.)

Terry Johnson's quality drama gets a smashing revival at Tower Theatre with commendable work from a talented and skilfully-directed ensemble. Well-worth catching.
(Peter Brown for ActDrop.)

Dead Funny opened tonight with all guns blazing. Helen McGill gives a consistently strong performance as Eleanor, a woman never quite getting what she wants and needs. As her dead comic loving husband Richard, Ryan Williams continues his run of well crafted and chameleon like performances. Daniel Watson as Brian gives a touching and hilarious performance that would have made Benny Hill proud. Topped off with a stylish and classy set design by Phillip Ley, this season opener is a must see.
(Audience member V.C.)

The Canterbury Tales The Canterbury Tales

The real strength of the production is the way that Angharad Ormond has managed to make this a proper ensemble piece by making sure that each cast member remains involved in the action, even when they are not taking part ... Overall, this is another strong and original production from the Tower Theatre.
(Matthew Partridge for Remote Goat. Awarded 4 stars.)

Evoking laughter, tears and questions, there's something for everyone in this updated production that left it's audience humming catchy lullabies and challenging the hegemony.
(Vivienne King for London Theatre Reviews. Awarded 4 stars.)

It's great fun, slightly bonkers and well worth a visit.
(The Blog of Theatre Things)

What a lovely show! The seamless combination of music, singing, dance, physical theatre and speech that this ensemble expertly perform was a wonder to watch. Well done to you all!
(Audience Member D.K.)

Fix Up Fix Up

Director Landé Belo, in her Tower Theatre directorial debut, has accomplished quite a feat of storytelling, bringing a clear and confident vision to the text and creating work which is a richly thought-provoking and powerful pleasure to watch.
(Christopher O'Dea-Giordano for London Theatre Reviews. Awarded 4 stars.)

A beautifully directed piece by Landé Belo to accompany Kwei-Armah's writing.
(UK Theatre Network)

Pygmalion Pygmalion

A strong production that is definitely worth seeing.
(Matthew Partridge for Remote Goat. Awarded 4 stars.)

A warm welcome awaits you at this wonderful and comfortable theatre, upstairs in the octagonal tower, home of the Tower Theatre Company. Emilia Teglia's fabulous production of Shaw’s most popular play sticks closely to the original. The Victorian humour is perfectly reflected, it retains all the play's social themes and provides us with a very entertaining evening ... it was a grand night out. You should go!
(Mike Stephenson for London Theatre 1)

Great stuff! Congratulations! to all involved! ***** Five stars!
(Audience member B.B.)

The Merry Wives of Windsor in Paris The Merry Wives of Windsor in Paris

We were indeed lucky with the weather and even luckier with the performance, which was fantastic. The children (and their teachers!) thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even the non-bilingual ones who had never grappled with a Shakespeare play before. Thanks for all your hard work in making such an opportunity possible for our school, it is much appreciated.
(Audience member J.D.)

We enjoyed it very much, the staging was quite original, Windsor in 1950s, but Shakespeare was ever present and everlasting.
(Audience member L.L.)

The Merry Wives of Windsor in London The Merry Wives of Windsor in London

... a boldly upbeat, creative, and gorgeously put together evening of theatre, full of talent, and which never fails to entertain.
(Christopher O'Dea-Giordano for London Theatre Reviews.)

Congratulations to Rob and all involved in this slick, lively and very entertaining show!
(Tower Theatre Company Member B.B.)

Gainsborough's Girls Gainsborough's Girls

This is a fine production directed by David Taylor with an excellent framed set designed by Peter Forster and costume design by Kathleen Morrison and Sue Carling.
(John Courtney O'Connor for the Camden New Journal.)

Happy Days Happy Days

If you're a Beckett fan, do not miss this show. If you're new to Beckett, grab this opportunity to discover his genius. Sullivan's superlative performance deserves a packed house. It's one you won’t forget.
(Addison Waite for The Spy in the Stalls. Awarded 5 stars.)

... this is very much Ruth Sullivan's play and her performance is absolutely knockout. She has a lovely light comic touch, bringing a real energy to the text’s rhythmic repetition. Her characters constant chatter rather than becoming annoying is given a dotty charm and sweetness. The tragedy of Winnie’s situation is allowed to slowly seep through as Sullivan flickers from joy to sadness as her superficial happiness starts to crumble ... the set and lightning are really effective, the slow movement from dawn to dusk and the darkening colour pallete as the narrative gets bleaker.
(Dog Faced Boy for The Afterword.)

From the moment of entering the auditorium and being confronted by this stunningly designed production, until the standing ovation at the end, the Tower Theatre's deeply poignant staging of Happy Days is a superb night of theatre. Under Robert Pennant Jones's meticulous direction, Ruth Sullivan gives a mesmerising, beautiful and heartbreaking performance.
(Audience member V.C.)

To say Ruth Sullivan is mesmerising would be an understatement, so instead I'll say she's a tour de force. She may be speaking Beckett's beautiful words, but her amazing face will tell you a thousand other stories alongside them. Plaudits also go to Ian Hoare for his haunting appearances and a fantastically evocative set design. I won't be able to get this out of my head for a while and I'm very grateful.
(Audience member E.C.)

Deposit Deposit

Last night I saw an amazing performance of Deposit. I was absolutely taken away by how relatable both couples were. The tension had me genuinely feeling stressed only to be relieved by a gasp of air and the realisation that I was sat in the brilliant Tower Theatre venue. The comical relief throughout was splendid. The characters had great depth and progressed or digressed as the story unravelled wonderfully. And now I'm running out of synonyms of the word amazing so I'll end my review with : fantastic job to all involved!
(Audience member J.E.)

Deposit was a powerful performance by a talented cast in this cosy theatre.
(Audience member R.H-M.)

Trainspotting Trainspotting

... what a production it is ... the "in the round" set resembles a level of Dante's Inferno relocated to a grimy, Edinburban hell-hole and the cast prowl and growl around the circumference of their space with the savagery of starving predators. This is a white-knuckle ride that is not for the faint hearted.
(Cameron Dunham for Remote Goat. Awarded 5 stars.)

I went to see Trainspotting and I really enjoyed it! I liked the actors/actress performance. The theatre is small and circular, so actors are very close to you, you feel that they are acting "for you". I will come back, no doubt!
(Audience member J.F.M.)

Impressive and enjoyable theatre company. Performers were as strong, dedicated and energetic as if this was a purely professional venue. The direction and stagecraft were also of a very high level. Great space, very affordable prices.
(Audience member D.W-H.)

Talk Radio Talk Radio

Saw the matinée performance this afternoon and loved it (I might have done a little squeal over the set). The show was really beautifully brought to life by everyone involved - no mean feat, considering the technicalities are such a juggling act! Well done Phillip Ley, your cast and your crew.

I thought the show was really fantastic. Incredibly slick and professional. Every element from cast to lighting to sound was precise and fully conceived. It was a real testament to what Tower is capable of.

Brilliant show last night, really really good and you should be rightfully proud. Great show, great cast, great set, great lighting and obviously great directing! Reminds me of all the things I love about the Tower.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your production of Talk Radio was amazing. I hope you are proud of what you have achieved. The set is pure genius and the production was very tight and beautifully handled by the actors. And as for Simon Vaughan’s performance. Wow!' A most impressive production. I enjoyed it immensely!

(Four audience members.)

The Thrill of Love The Thrill of Love

... built around Beatrice Andrew's moving performance, the Tower can chalk this up as another success.
(Louis Mazzini for London Theatre 1.)

King Charles III King Charles III

King Charles III is a first-rate production that is definitely worth a trip to North London to go and see. Whilst we don't normally mention the theatre itself, there was something about this one, with its high ceiling that helped the production really feel at home. The running time of around two and half hours, including interval, flew by as there was just so much to take in and I was captivated with the whole production ... there is certainly plenty to take in, enjoy and contemplate in this first-rate production.
(Terry Eastham for London Theatre Reviews. Awarded 5 stars.)

Ruth Sullivan's assured staging at the Tower is simple and fluent ... the title role is strongly played by Martin South : with just a hint of the vocal mannerisms, he eschews caricature for a thoughtful portrait of a frustrated man ... many more excellent performances on the nation’s stage, notably Ben Grafton as a dissolute Harry, with Sal Fulcher as his radical girlfriend. Jess Hammett is the fire-brand [socialist] PM – an impressive study in political integrity, neatly contrasted with Robert Orchard’s smug, "weasel-mouthed" Tory. The ensemble is effectively used – the press pack, the divided House, the noisy night-club – with members stepping out for cameos as various lackeys, minions and under-butlers. The many Shakespearean resonances are skilfully done.
(Michael Gray for Remote Goat. Awarded 4 stars.))

Simply Brilliant! ***** Five stars! Congratulations!
(Audience member B.B.)