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Reaction to our shows
The Tower Archive

Reaction to our shows

Here's a selection of comments we received on our productions during 2024 ...

Out of Sorts Out of Sorts

If you’re around north London in the next two weeks and are keen to explore some intriguing, high-quality fringe production, Out of Sorts would be a great choice. Whether you’re an immigrant, a refugee, or just a person completely overwhelmed by the crazy London lifestyle and can’t find a place for yourself, you will find this show very real and relatable.
(West End Evenings reviews - awarded 4 stars)

This is a very well-acted play which has great moments of humour throughout the serious thought-provoking discussions ... This is a show most definitely well worth experiencing, which will leave you with a greater understanding of the issues faced by those living in two cultures.
(Everything Theatre - awarded 4 stars)

Measure for Measure Measure for Measure

... the verse speaking is impressive and the diction admirably clear which means that the story telling works. It’s a refreshing, thoughtful “straight” account of an intriguing play. It’s also pretty uncompromising at nearly three hours with interval – but none the worse for that.
(Susan Elkin reviews - awarded 4 stars)

Very professional and thoroughly enjoyable amateur production of Measure for Measure. Community theatre at its best.
(Audience Member P.M. - awarded 5 stars)

... congratulations to the cast, crew and director of Measure for Measure. I've never seen, read or studied this play so I read a short synopsis before seeing it and thought "Oh no, there's so many key characters I'm going to get confused". But the clarity of this production meant that I understood everything that was going on throughout. Thank you M4M crew for a wonderful and entertaining show. It's a heck of a play and will definitely go on my like list.
(Audience Member C.T.)

The Fan The Fan

I can’t think of many community companies who would be brave enough to take on eighteenth century Commedia, in a sometimes creaky translation, and run with it as cheerfully as the Tower Theatre does with The Fan. It is, literally, incomparable ... this productione seems freshly novel and it has an unusual charm which stems, I think, from an Italian-Argentinian director working with a gloriously diverse cast of fourteen whose backgrounds range across several continents ... this show is an imaginatively original take on a tradition not likely to be very familiar to modern audiences – and it makes a quirkily jolly evening’s theatre.
(Susan Elkin reviews - awarded 4 stars)

The Real Inspector Hound The Real Inspector Hound

This is a slick, entertaining production that hits every beat it sets out to ... a great evening out.
(Lucy Carter for Everything Theatre blog. Awarded 4 stars.)

Maeve Curry ... excellent as melodramatic black widow Cynthia ... Daniel Watson has great fun charging around in a wheelchair as the somewhat demented Major Magnus ... Micky Gibbons and Emily Hassan play the juve leads with verve and precision ... Sheila Burbidge as Mrs Drudge more or less steals the show ... it’s an absolute gift of a part and this interpretation was among the very best I’ve seen. David Miller and Matthew Vickers made a fine double act of the pen pushing pundits ... The play is extremely well served by a first rate team of creatives (Max Maxwell, Lynda Twidale, Stephen Ley and Stanley Piper) whose design skills immediately place the action within a highly recognisable genre. Rob Ellis’s very able direction, which includes plenty of well pointed moments to keep several balls in the air and a number of plates spinning all at the same time, is full of telling detail which was a pleasure to encounter.
(John Chapman for 2nd from Bottom blog.)