The Tower's Camping Weekend 2010

Two days in beautiful Uffington, near Oxford much enjoyed by a small group of members

Dinah Irvine was there ...

An unpromising damp start to Saturday 7th August saw hopeful campers heading off to the Oxfordshire countryside to enjoy the first Tower Camping weekend. Bernice and Graham Molloy have stayed on the site regularly and it was chosen for its amazing views, ease of access from London and the welcome from Marcella, the owner.
As soon as we put the tents up the sun came out and we sat around and planned the evening. First was a trip into Wantage to shop for the barbecue. Grey clouds turned to heavy rain whilst we were there but back at the camp site the weather became hot and sunny and remained so for the rest of the weekend. The barbecue was of epic proportions, and interspersed with chat and word games round the fire. Lesley, Amy, Jack and Ivy set off for home at midday Sunday, leaving the others to walk up to the White Horse (carved in chalk - NOT a pub) and watch the kites, remote control gliders but not sadly the paraglider who painstakingly laid out his equipment only to find that the wind had dropped completely. I hope that he finally got off the ground as it's a long walk up.
Finally we packed up and returned to London. What a lovely relaxing way to spend the weekend. Many thanks to Bernice and Graham for suggesting it as a very different Tower Social event.