The Tower on Tour in Paris

The 2011 tour to the Jardin Shakespeare with Macbeth.

(Pictures of the show itself are here.)


In June 2011 the Tower once again went on tour - this was the 20th successive year that we have taken a show to the open-air theatre in the Bois de Boulogne.

This year was the most successful so far in attracting audiences - over 1800 people saw the show - and everything ran smoothly thanks to a dedicated cast and crew, excellent support from our new supporters' group in Paris (Tower Bridge), and generally very good weather!

The company also enjoyed being in the French capital, soaking up the atmosphere, sights, bars and restaurants, with a bit of culture thrown in.

Photography by Carla Evans, Michelle Roebuck, Annemarie Fearnley, Philippa Tatham & Laurence Tuerk