Nigel Barker reports on

Bowling at Rowans

What a great night was had by all at the second Social Group Bowling Night! Three new members (Harriet, Tom and Penelope) were warmly welcomed, and they took part amongst the 22 players in 3 lanes for 2 hours on Friday Feb 10th in the renowned Rowans Leisure Centre in Finsbury Park.

Pat and Bernice had everything organized including platters of tasty food, and after a technical hitch (one lane went on strike) all three teams got off to a flying start. We have some top scorers amongst us and the talent ranged from minimal to startling!

Skittles tumbled on every lane : some players have style and success, others have no style but are nevertheless successful, whilst Jill and Pat had their own particular method of making sure the balls rolled accurately down the lanes.

We were all "bowled over" by the end, (sorry!) and some of the ladies then took to the dance floor, so it was another success for the Tower Social Group.