Now and Then
Dancing at Lughnasa

The Tower Theatre Company has presented Dancing at Lughnasa twice - once in 1995 and for a second time in 2013.

Many of the cast and crew of the 1995 show are still members, and most of them were able to join up and watch a performance of the latest version and then have drinks in the pub and a reunion meal.

Here's some pictures of members of the two shows - the 2013 company are on the left of each photo and the 1995 one on the right.

Photography by Colette Dockery


Su Vigus (2013)
Sue Lacey (1995)
playing Agnes

Ros Moore (2013)
Allison Bennett (1995)
playing Rosie


Ruth Anthony (2013)
Sharona Key-Barry (1995)
playing Christina

Julie Dark (2013)
Anne Connell (1995)
playing Kate


Martin Mulgrew (2013)
Sheila Burbidge (1995)
The two directors