Not Quite A Story

Not Quite a Story

February 2016 was the first anniversary of the death of much-missed Tower member Philippa Tatham. In her memory, a group of Tower members arranged an evening of her poems. It was a beautiful occasion in the packed Blue Room at the Canonbury Tavern, full of laughter and tears, and a wonderful reminder of Philippa's incredible talent and the breadth of work she has left us. Many thanks to her mother, Lizbeth Slinn, for letting us read the poems and giving such a warm and heartfelt speech of gratitude. We also raised £451.07 for our chosen charities, the Maytree Respite Centre and The Philippa Tatham Writers Masterclass Fund.

Taking part were Michael Bettell, Ruth Sullivan, Ruth Anthony, Sue Brodie, Alexander Gordon-Wood, Jonathan Wober, Annemarie Fearnley, Jessica Hammett, Dan Usztan, Lisa Castle, Adrian Calvo-Valderrama, Kara McLean, Jordan Clarke, Jill Ruane and Meryl Griffiths.

Photography by Laurence Tuerk