The 2019 Annual General Meeting

The second Annual General Meeting to be held in the new theatre had reports from the Artistic and Financial Directors, the Building Team and from Alexander Knapp, who provided a full and informative report on our brand new web pages. Overall, our first year in Stoke Newington has proved successful both artistically and financially, and our bank account - although vastly depleted since the purchase of the building - remains in a healthy state.

New to the Board is Stephen Brasher and new to the Management Committee are Sarah Ley and Jon Gilmartin.

Awards were given out : the Harold Mellor Award - which is given to someone who has made a contribution over a number of years - was awarded to Michelle Roebuck. The Frank Smith Award - which is given to a member of less than 3 years standing who has made a contribution to the company in a variety of roles - was awarded to Rosanna Preston. The awards were presented by last year's winners, Jon Gilmartin and Jude Chalk. Both winners were much applauded by all those present. In addition to the annual awards, the Company Committee decided to make two new life members to join the select few who already enjoy that honour. They are Peter Novis and Sheila Burbidge.

All are worthy recipients - congratulations! The annual winners of the 150 Club prizes were also announced, with an appeal for someone who would be prepared to take over the organisation from Celia Reynolds, who has managed the scheme since its inception over 30 years ago.

Jude Chalk and Michelle Roebuck
Jude Chalk presenting the Harold Mellor Award to Michelle Roebuck


Jon Gilmartin and Rosanna Preston
Jon Gilmartin presenting the Frank Smith award to Rosanna Preston