Virtual Tower : Season 2
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Season 1

The second series of "Virtual Tower" ran from September to December 2020.

 Harlem Renaissance
22nd September 2020

Cast List

The Chip Woman's Fortune by Willis Richardson
Silas Green : Sam Bulgin
Liza : Nancy P Touzé
Emma : Marie-José Fulgence
Aunt Nancy : Trudi Dane
Jim : Axel Kengne
First Man : Fiyin Ifebogun
Second Man : Bianca Curacao

Poker by Zora Neale Hurston
Nunkie : Trudi Dane
Too-Sweet : Bianca Curacao
Beckerwood : Axel Kengne
Black Baby : Fiyin Ifebogun
Sack Daddy : Tyan Archer
Tush Hawg : Sam Bulgin
Aunt Dilsey : Saria Babiker


Production Team

Director : Landé Belo
Assisted by : Angelika Michitsch

The Chip Woman's Fortune by Willis Richardson

Poker by Zora Neale Hurston

 Quiz Night
5th October 2020

An online quiz hosted by Stephen Brasher, with 8 rounds interspersed with poems and monologues from plays - which or may not have been connected with the questions!

The winner was Rosanna Preston, who was presented with the Virtual Trophy.


Production Team

Produced by : Stephen Brasher
Assisted by : Matthew Ibbotson and Richard Pedersen

The Readers

Ailsa Dann
Jon Gilmartin
Myriam Laurent
Richard Pedersen

Quiz Night - Clockwise from top left : Quizmaster Stephen Brasher, Readers Richard Pedersen, Myriam Laurent, Jon Gilmartin, Ailsa Dann, and the engraved trophy!