The 2021 Annual General Meeting

We were delighted to be able in hold the 2021 in person again. A nearly-full theatre heard reports from the Financial Director, the Artistic Team, the Community Engagement Group and the Building Group.

Financial Director Nick Insley reported that the Company had weathered the Covid closure relatively well, with the help of considerable support from goverment grants and other exceptional funding. Although a loss was recorded, this was largely due to depreciation (but our investment income had performed well to partly offset this); in operational terms the Company had broadly broken even.

The Artistic Team of Ruth Sullivan, Simona Hughes and Angharad Ormond reviewed the past year and announced the full programme of plays for the spring and summer seasons next year. They also reported on the ongoing work of the Tower's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Group.

Landé Belo gave a summary of the Community Engagement Group's progress over the year, and David Taylor described the major improvements to the building that have been carried out recently

Landé Belo, Richard Pedersen, Stephen Ley and Joanna Nevin were formally appointed as Board members, and John Chapman, Ian Hoare, Matthew Ibbotson, Tyan Jones and Patrice North were appointed to the Management Committee.

Awards were given out : the Barbara Waddell Award - which is given to someone who has made a contribution over a number of years - was awarded to Roanne Insley. The Frank Smith Award - which is given to a member of less than 3 years standing who has made a contribution to the company in a variety of roles - was awarded to Angelika Michitsch.

The annual winners of the 150 Club prizes were also announced.

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Photography by Laurence Tuerk