The 2023 Annual General Meeting

The 2023 AGM, like last year, coincided with a train strike but nevertheless the theatre was nearly full for this year's event. Martin Mulgrew, Chairman of the Tower's Board, was unable to attend so Laurence Tuerk took the Chair for the meeting.

As usual, the first item was a presentaion of the year's accounts by Financial Director Nick Insley. He reported that the Company had made a healthy profit of £120k for the year, largely due to substantial legacies and income from the production at the Minack Theare. This exceptional income would not of course be repeated; without it we would have still have had a positive result in cash terms, but would have recorded a loss after depreciation had been taken into account. So there is no cause for concern, but rising costs (espacialy on utilities) mean that efforts should be made to bolster income - an increase in box office sales is a priority.

The Artistic Team of Ruth Sullivan, Simona Hughes and Landé Belo reviewed the past year and announced another exciting and ambitious programme of plays for the spring and summer seasons next year.

General Manager Jess Volar Bell gave a brief update on her role and reported on the recent activities of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group. Speaking for the Building Group, Stephen Ley described the work that had been carried out over the past year.

The retiring members of the Board and the Management Committeee were thaked for their work; Rob Ellis and Sarah Ley were elected to the Board, and Rachel Bothamley, Caroline Scott and Amanda Waggott were elected to the Management Committee.

Awards were given out : the Barbara Waddell Award - which is given to someone who has made a contribution over a number of years - was presented to Phillip Ley. The Frank Smith Award - which is given to a member of less than 3 years standing who has made a contribution to the company in a variety of roles - was awarded to Feiyang Yang. Life membership was awarded to Keith Syrett.

The annual winners of the 150 Club prizes were also announced.

Photography by David Sprecher