The Tower in Paris with
Measure for Measure

Some pictures of the 2007 tour ...
(Pictures of the show itself are here.)

In and around the Jardin Shakespeare ....

The entrance to the Pré Catelan

Backstage in the Paris "tunnels"

Sortie to the stage

Relaxing in the park

At the theatre ....

Setting up the Subtitle stand

Chris Holmes prepared for anything

Playing "Go" by the Dressing Room

The lead singer for the Q & A session

Around Paris ....

Anvers metro station

A bar was never far away


Waiting for the 244 bus

Nights out ....

Eating out

Another bar

and another

You get the picture

.... of which there were several ...

Isn't that sweet?

The Stage Manager's night off

Traditional Australian costume

In the dark of the night

... and it all ended in a haze (or are they just Artistic Photos!)

Pam being French

Ian tries to keep focussed

Parisian life

Sunrise at Notre Dame

Photographs by Philippa Tatham, Francis Moore, Pam O'Brien, Laurence Tuerk and Alex Gordon-Wood