75th Anniversary Party

In 2007, the Tower Theatre celebrated in style with a splendid 75th Anniversary Party at the Canal Museum.  The dress code for the evening was "Dapper and Diamonds" and everyone looked dazzling.  The drink flowed freely, the three-course meal was delicious and capably served by some of the younger members of the company.  Katie d'Ancona provided a wonderful cabaret and there were speeches (of course) to remind us how fabulous it is that we're still going from strength to strength after all these years....


Dom Ward
Dominic Ward as Master of Ceremonies

Helen and Tom Margaret and the boys
Helen McCormack and Tom Tillery sparkle for the camera Margaret Ley with her boys - Phillip, Stephen and Peter
Katey d'Ancona Jill, Guy and Pat
Katey d'Ancona entertains Jill Batty, Guy Saunders and Pat Grosse enjoying dinner
Jean and Alex The staff
Jean Carr and Alexander Gordon Wood The waiting staff
Sara Laurence and Dinah
Sara Randall raises a glass Dinah Irvine and Laurence Tuerk in more glamorous blacks than they usually wear