The Tower on Tour in Paris

Some pictures of the 2009 tour to Paris with Hamlet.

(Pictures of the show itself are here.)

Setting up ...

Box Office ready for action

An audience of two for the Dress Rehearsal ...

.... which ended very late!

Our audience ....




Between shows ...



Haidee learns to fence

Late nights ...




Backstage ...

The Portacabin (and the fragrent Portaloo)


Interval Drinks


The Pit

Interval scene change

A very muddy Sam Reed after the final (wet) show

The strike

The glamour of the theatre - Karen washes the floor

The bus ....




In and around Paris...

The lake in the Bois de Boulogne (with a very small Eiffel Tower in the background)

Rue Rodier

A nice shot of a traditional boulangerie-patisserie

The last night meal




Photographs by Rachel Hindley, Chris Holmes, Michelle Roebuck, Dinah Irvine, Sam Child and Laurence Tuerk.