The Tower in Paris with
Twelfth Night

Some pictures of the 2008 tour ...
(Pictures of the show itself are here.)

In and around the Jardin Shakespeare ....

The Pré Catelan Chalet
aka the Posh Loos

The auditorium from the rear of the stage

Jean sheltering

The backstage tunnel

The fit-up ....

Setting up the Subtitle stand

Laurence surrounded by microphones

The sound crew runs cables

Assembling the set

Dress Rehearsal .... and the Q & A

It rained ...

Don't mess with Pam!


Jean leads the Q & A session

A very wet first performance ....

Fetching matching T shirts
for the whole cast

Ian (and the microphone)
get very soggy.

The rain it raineth ...

The stoic audience

Backstage ...

Half hour call ...

Pam prepares for her sex change!

Relaxing between shows

The director hiding ...

Eating and drinking ...

No caption needed

First night meal

Late night fun

La Marmite

And there was time for some sightseeing too ...

Ian and Milanka at the races

Chris went to La Defense

Laurence & Penny went to Chartres

A nice shot of the lake in the Bois de Boulogne

Photographs by Robin Dunn, Chris Holmes, Pam O'Brien and Laurence Tuerk.