Tobias & the Angel

by James Bridie


Tavistock Little Theatre
February 2 - 3 & 9 - 10, 1934

Cast List

Tobit, a poor Jew of Nineveh : Frank Smith
Anna, his wife : Constance Fecher
Tobias, their son : Digby Weightman
Toby, his dog : Micky
Raguel, a rich Jew of Ecbatana : George Carter
Sara, his daughter : Mary Alexander
Mirza Khan, a bandit : Alec Clunes
Azorah : Doris Bickmore
Sherah : Mona Walton
Sam, an Ethiopian slave : William Weller
Asmoday, a demon : Philip Balfern
The Archangel Raphael : Harry Miller
Attendants on Sara : Haidee Besford, Winifred Fecher, Mary George
Production Team

Director : Marie Jeaffreson
Costume Design : Jo Cochar Hall
Azorah's dances arranged by Rae Read
Musicians : Nancy Keane & Ruth Mawer (oboe)

Stage Manager : Henry York
Wardrobe : Winifred Fecher