by Oliver Marlow


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 4 - 5, 1934

First London production

Cast List

The new-born Ishmael
Liza, his mother : Wendy Lugg
Rastus, his father : Harry Miller
Hagar, his grandmother : Dorothy Cooper
Negro : Oliver Wilkinson
Negress : Esme Mears
Negro : H G Crocker
Girl : Mona Walton
White Man : A S West
Hagar : Dorothy Cooper
Woman : Joan Bonser
Another Negro : Jack Richman
Another White Man : William Weller
Old Darky : Oliver Wilkinson
Mrs Sabina de Laing, a Creole : Eileen Smith
Constance, her sister : Doris Wakefield
Prof Samson Riley, engaged to Constance : Philip Balfern
Ishmael, an Albino : W Hudson Smith
Policeman : Ewart Wheeler
Josie, an octoroon, adopted by Sabina : Irene Palmer
Terence, brother to Sabina : Alec Clunes
Dennis, engaged to Josie : Harry Miller
Another Policeman : Frank Smith
Crowd of Negroes & Whites : Constance Fecher, Nita Graves, Edith Howe, Enid Jones, Wendy Lugg, Esme Mears, Violet Rutter, Madge Smith, Dorothy Stapleton, Nina Stewart, Henry Albery, Gordon Bamford, Andrew Baird, Richard Boreham, Albert Churchill, Royston Dunford, Frank Read, Jack Richman, David Roffey, R R Tranfeld, George Vitty
Children : Nellie Johns, Violet Johns
Production Team

Director : Marie Jeaffreson
Ladies' Costumes : Jo Cochar Hall
Musician : H G Davis (banjo)

Stage Manager : Henry York