Androcles and the Lion

by George Bernard Shaw


Tavistock Little Theatre
June 1 - 2, 1934

One of two plays presented together, the other being Midsummer Eve, by John Drinkwater

Cast List

Lion : Philip Balfern
Androcles : Beresford Kemmis
Megaera : Constance Fecher
Centurion : George Carter
Captain : Harry Miller
Lavinia : Irene Palmer
Ferovius : Oliver Wilkinson
Spintho : Albert Rose
Lentulus : Frank Webster
Metellus : John Francis
Ox Driver : William Weller
Call Boy : Frank Webster
Secutor, a gladiator : Jack Richman
Retiarius, a gladiator : Gordon Bamford
Editor : W Hudson Smith
Menagerie Keeper : Ewart Wheeler
Caesar : Alec Clunes
Soldiers, Gladiators, Attendants, Christian Prisoners etc. : C Albery, H G Crocker, Ronald Hardey, Vera Hughes, Nellie Johns, Violet Johns, Marjorie Maxwell, Frank Smith, Nina Stewart, R R Tranfield, George Vitty, Mona Walton, Cecil Widdows
Production Team

Director : Marie Jeaffreson

Stage Manager : Henry York