Symphonie Pathétique

by Sydney Box


Tavistock Little Theatre
December 7 - 8, 1934

First London production.
Presented as a curtain-raiser to Martine by Jean-Jacques Bernard.

Cast List

The Morons
The Lover : Leonard de Francquen
His Mate : Dorothy Fox
A City Man : J P Amis
Another City Man : William Curry
A Husband : Alan Cowdie
A Wife : Vi Day
A Modern Girl : Greta Dick
Another Husband : Ernest Smith
Another Wife : Vera Collins
Another Modern Girl : Louie Seliger
The Orchestra
Julie : Bobbie Peacock
Lewis : Jack Richman
Ivan : Michael Rose
Carl : Jack Newmark
Production Team

Director : Freda Pieterson
Miss Peacock's dress by Jo Cochar Hall

Stage Manager : Henry York