The Glass Slipper

A Fairy Tale by Herbert & Eleanor Farjeon
with music by Clifton Parkerby


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 9th - 24th, 1959

Cast List

The Family
Cinderella : Myfanwy May
Father : Will Stampe
Stepmother : Marjorie Hogg
Araminta : Rosemary Noble
Arethusa : Julie Stampe
The Coachman : Tony Goodman

The Court

The Prince : Dai Evans
The King : Tony Goodman
The Queen : Annette Panter
The Zany : Jimmy Flood
The Toastmaster : Peter Ariss
The Herald : George Kennedy
The Trumpeter : Clyde Jones
The Footmen : David Copsey, John Dennis

The Ladies

The Marquise of Cinnamon : Valerie Flood
The Countess of Caraway : Eileen Baker
The Baroness of Allspice : Valerie Hall
The Archduchess of Cochineal : Yvonne Baker
The Viscountess of Cloves : Margaret Jewell
The Margravine of Mace : Milli Evans

The Spirits

The Fairy Godmother : Paula Munday
Earth : Milli Evans
Air : Ann Berry
Fire : Angela McKenna
Water : Margaret Jewell

The Voices of the Things

The Clock : John Bennett
The Tap : Clyde Jones
The Broom : Harold Bennett
The Fire : Jimmy Flood

The Harlequinade

Harlequin : Ron Finch
Columbine : Carol Smart
The Doctor : Harold Bennett
The Merchant : Bobby Bernard
The Captain : Patrick Mitchell
The Three Graces : Ann Berry, Janet Harland, Angela McKenna
The Court Ballerinas : Patricia Dyer, Carol Smart

The Glass Slipper


The Glass Slipper

Production Team

Director : Don Kirkman
Set Design : Norman Fenner
Lighting Design : David Alexander
Choreography : Patricia Dyer
At the piano : Laurie Jones

Stage Managers : Philippa Hodgson, Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Regina Joseph, Anthony Fearn, Ralph Shafran
Switchboard : Eric Lauder, Michael Holden, George Smith
Additional costumes designed and executed by Jo Hall in the Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Special effects : Bobby Bernard
Set construction : Michael Rose, Richard Hunt, Bill Pearson in the Tower Theatre Workshop