The Plough and the Stars

by Sean O'Casey


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 27th - March 7th, 1959

Cast List

Fluther Good (a carpenter) : Will Stampe
Peter Flynn (a labourer, Norah's uncle) : Peter Dawson
Mrs Gogan (a charwoman) : Rosaleen Scott
The Young Covey (a fitter, Clitheroe's cousin) : Clyde Jones
Norah Clitheroe (Jack's wife) : Denyse Macpherson
Bessie Burgess (a street fruit-vendor) : Julie Stampe
Jack Clitheroe (a bricklayer, Commandant in the Irish Army) : Peter Dunkley
Capt Brennan (a chicken butcher of the Irish Citizen Army) : James Maxwell
Mollser (Mrs Gogan's consumptive child) : Ann Berry
A bartender : Jack Bennett
Rosie Redmond : Margaret Jewell
The Voice of the Speaker : Robin Harland
Lt Langon of the Irish Volunteers : Walter Kennedy
Corporal Stoddart : Bill Manley
Sergeant Tinley of the Wiltshires : Robin Harland

The Plough and the Stars


The Plough and the Stars

Production Team

Director : Walter Kennedy
Set Design : William Pearson
Lighting Design : Eric Lauder

Stage Manager : George Baker
DSM : Jill Ireland
ASMs : Glyn Edwards, Graham Morris, Ann Berry, Bill Manley, Valerie Hall, Peter Baker
Lighting operation : Eric Lauder
Wardrobe : Joyce Huddart
Set construction : Michael Rose, John Crisp, Graham Morris in the Tower Theatre Workshop