The Good Woman of Setzuan

by Berthold Brecht


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 13th - 21st, 1959

Cast List

Wang, a water seller : Ronald Eyre
First God : Don Kirkman
Second God : Michael Mountain
Third God : Alun Roberts
Shen Te : Myfanwy May
Mrs Shin : Lee Devoti
The Wife : Barbara Waddell
The Husband : Philip Fasham
The Nephew : David Copsey
The Unemployed Man : Eric Turner
The Carpenter : Peter Bamford
The Brother : Tony Goodman
The Sister-in-Law : Marjorie Hogg
Mrs Mi Tzu : Margaret Skea
The Grandfather : Harold Bennett
The Niece : Patricia Jolliffe
The Policeman : Leonard Smith
The Old Woman : Janet Harland
The Old Prostitute : Brenda Plumley
Yang Sun : William James
Mr Shu Fu : George Spaul
The Old Man : Michael Lee
Mrs Yang : Paula Munday
The Priest : Tony Goodman
The Waiter : David Copsey
The Carpenter's Children : Forbes Stevenson, Paul Bourdice

The Good Woman of Setzuan


The Good Woman of Setzuan

Production Team

Director : David Thompson
Set Design : Richard Hunt
Lighting Design : Michael Holden
Songs by Stefan Wolpe

Stage Manager : Alexandra Trone
ASMs : Janet Harland, Brenda Plumley, Eileen Baker, Jennifer Chester
Lighting switchboard assistant : Avraham Klinger
Wardrobe : Tower Theatre Wardrobe under the direction of Jo Hall
Set construction : Tower Theatre Workshop