Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 3rd - 11th, 1959

Also performed at the American Youth Club, R.A.F. West Ruislip, July 16th - 19th, 1959

Cast List

Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon : John Stuart
Don John, his bastard brother : Ron Finch
Claudio, a young lord of Florence : Kenyon Robinson
Benedick, a young lord of Padua : Alec Brown
Leonato, Governor of Messina : Patrick Lockstone
Antonio, his brother : Frank Smith
Balthazar, attendant on Don Pedro : George Kennedy

Conrade : Gerald Groffman
Borachio : Robin Harland
Followers of Don John
Friar Francis : Jack Francis
Dogberry, a constable : James Lloyd
Verges, a headborough : Clyde Jones
Hugh Otecake, a watchman : John Bennett
George Seacole, a watchman : Kenneth Grayer
Francis Seacole, a sexton : Peter Wade
Hero, daughter to Leonato : Hilary Newcombe
Beatrice, niece to Leonato : Myfanwy May

Margaret : Janet Harland
Ursula : Marilyn Gold
Gentlewomen attending on Hero

Much Ado About Nothing

Production Team

Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Richard Hunt
Choreography : Douglas Dempster
Music arranged and recorded by Anthony Buckingham

Stage Manager : Betty George
DSM : Barbara Cross
ASMs : Avraham Klinger, Glyn Edwards, Derek Bennett, Marilyn Gold
Lighting switchboard : Michael Holden, Jill Ireland
Beatrice's first costume designed by Richard Hunt and made by Douglas Dempster
Set construction : Hugh George with Tower Theatre Workshop