The Love of Four Colonels

by Peter Ustinov


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 9th - 17th, 1959

Also presented on tour in Torquay, August 10th - 15th, 1959

Cast List

Colonel Wesley Breitenspiegel : Adrian Rendle
Colonel Desmond de S Rinder-Sparrow : Norman Paul
Colonel Aime Frappot : David Morgan
Colonel Alexander Ikonenko : Michael Mountain
The Mayor of Herzogenburg : Hyam Gilbert
Two Miserable Immortals : Peter Bamford, Sheila Franglen
The Princess : Myfanwy May

Four Wives to Inspire Fear
Mrs Rinder Sparrow : Paula Munday
Mrs Breitenspiegel : Susan Mindelsohn
Mme Frappot : Joan Wood
Mme Ikonenko : Eileen Baker

The Love of Four Colonels


The Love of Four Colonels

Production Team

Director : Adrian Rendle
Set Design : Norman Fenner, Michael Smith
Lighting Design : Michael Rose

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Eileen Baker, Anthony Fearn, Gerald Groffman, Paula Munday
Wardrobe : Ann Berry, with the Tower Theatre Wardrobe under the direction of Jo Hall
Lighting switchboard : Rosemary Noble
Conjuring devised by Larry Barnes