Juno and the Paycock

by Sean O'Casey


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 6th - 14th, 1959

Cast List

Mary Boyle : Mary McCarthy
Juno Boyle : Julie Stampe
Johnny Boyle : Ron Finch
Jerry Devine : Christopher Stephens
"Captain" Jack Boyle : Will Stampe
"Joxer" Daly : Peter Dawson
A Sewing Machine Man : Jack Bennett
A Coal Block Vendor : John Bennett
Charlie Bentham : Brian Kibblewhite
Mrs Maisie Madigan : Allison Purcell
Mrs Tancred : Rosaleen Scott
A Neighbour : Gillian Wilson
Another Neighbour : Marion Russell
"Needle" Nugent : Hyam Gilbert
An Irregular Mobilizer : David Crawley
An Irregular : Alan Bennion
Two Furniture Removal Men : Jack Bennett, John Bennett

Juno and the Paycock


Juno and the Paycock

Production Team

Director : Walter Kennedy
Set Design : William Pearson
Lighting Design : Ralph Shafran

Stage Manager : Glyn Edwards
ASMs : Marion Russell, Jackie Pearlman, Gillian Wilson, Janet Hoenig
Wardrobe : Rosaleen Scott
Set construction : Tower Theatre Workshop