by William Shakespeare


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 4th - 12th, 1959

Cast List

The Duke of Venice : Jack Francis
A Senator : Gerald Tyrrell
Lodovico, a senator, kinsman to Brabantio : Richard Oakley
Brabantio, a senator, father to Desdemona : Philip Fasham
Gratiano, a senator, brother to Brabantio : David Bevan
Othello, a noble Moor in the service of the Venetian State : John Stuart
Cassio, his Lieutenant : Alec Brown
Iago, his Ancient (i.e. Ensign) : Bill Phillips
Roderigo, a Venetian Gentleman : Clyde Jones
Montano, Governor of Cyprus : Douglas Dempster
Officers of the Cyprus Garrison : Kenyon Robinson, John Bennett, Tony Goodman
A Venetian Officer : Tom Tillery
Servants to Brabantio : Ken Jones, Raphael Berk
Desdemona, wife to Othello : Jean Sutherland
Emilia, wife to Iago : Barbara Waddell
Bianca, a courtesan : Elena Leigh
A Bawd : Betty George
Innkeeper : Ken Jones




Production Team

Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Kay Gardner
Songs and harpsichord music written and recorded by Hugh George
Fights arranged by Larry Barnes

Stage Manager : Betty George
DSM : Euan Felton
ASMs : Stephen Baddeley, John Kearm, Boniface Emenyeonu, Marilyn Gold, Raphael Berk
Sound : Hugh George
Lighting switchboard : Glyn Edwards, David Crawley
Ladies' costumes designed by Jo Hall and made in the Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Set construction : Limpie Basson