Virtual Tower : Season 1

With the theatre closed due to the Coronavirus from March 2020, an enthusiastic group of members came together to create "Virtual Tower" events. These were presented each Tuesday for 19 weeks. As the list below shows, a huge range of material was included and the standard was very high. John Chapman was the overall co-ordinator of the programme. Around 80 members took part as actors, writers or directors, and of course many more viewed the performances.

 The first Virtual Tower evening
31st March 2020

Cast List

Adam Moulder
Mike Nower
Landé Belo
Annemarie Fearnley
Matt Cranfield
Simona Hughes
Ruth Sullivan
Ian Hoare
Colin Guthrie


Production Team

Director : John Chapman
Assisted by : Emilia Teglia

March 31st : The first Virtual Tower evening

 About 500 by Simona Hughes
7th April 2020

Cast List

Clem : Stephanie Fuller
Luke : Dickon Farmar
Ruth : Joanna Nevin


Production Team

Director : Simona Hughes
Assisted by : John Chapman

 The Proposal/The Wedding/The Bear by Anton Chekov
14th April 2020

Cast List

The Proposal
Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov
: Simon Lee
Natalya Stepanovna : Jasmine Rachelle
Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov : Leon Chambers

The Wedding
Evdokim Zaharovitch Zhigalov
: Ian Hoare
Nastasya Timofeyevna : Julia Collier
Dashenka : Sarah Asaf
Epaminond Maximovitch Aplombov : Adam Moulder
Fyodor Yakovlevitch Revunov-Karaulov : John Chapman
Andrey Andreyevitch Nunin : Nick Edwards
Anna Martinovna Zmeyukin : Ruth Sullivan
Ivan Mihailovitch Yats : Matthew Ibbotson
Harlampi Spiridonovitch Dimba : Roxanne Cavanagh
Dmitri Stepanovitch Mozgovoy : Stephanie Irvine
Groomsman : Colin Guthrie
Waiter : Katie Smith

The Bear
Helena Ivanovna Popov
: Katie Smith
Grigori Stepanovitch Smirnov : Matthew Vickers
Luka : Colin Guthrie


Production Team

Director : Landé Belo
Assisted by : Angelika Michitsch
Sound : Colin Guthrie

The Proposal with Jasmine Rachelle and Simon Lee

 Apocalypse : Three short plays with a common theme
21st April 2020

Cast List

Apocalypse Then? by Tony Domaille
CEO : Ian Hoare
Peter : John Chapman

Apocalypse Then by Michael Staniforth
The Prosecutor : Sara Nower
The Fire Officer : David Miller
The Councillor : Rosanna Preston
Defense : Paul Willcocks

Apocalypse or Bust by Davis Alianello
Conquest : Simon Vaughan
War : Katherine Kennet
Famine : Stephanie Irvine
Death/The Street Prophet : Jonathan Norris
Phyllis : Alison Liney
Woman/Telemarketer : Sara Odeen-Isbister
Child/Desk Angel : Deborah Rothfield
Businessman/Zeus : Andy Marchant
Intercom/Pizza Angel/Stuffin the Puffin : Annie Connell
Construction Worker/Y2K Angel/The American Dream : Nick Edwards
Charon : Colin Guthrie


Production Team

Director : Mike Nower
Assisted by : Emilia Teglia
Sound : Colin Guthrie

Apocalypse or Bust by Davis Alianello

 Various Confections
28th April 2020

Cast List
Two short plays performed by
Janet South
Simon LeeLondon
Matthew Ibbotson
Simona Hughes


Production Team

Directors : Simon Lee and Matthew Ibbotson
Incidental music : Tamara Douglas-Morris

The evening also included :
Two pieces from Amelie played by Mahesh Parkar on the piano
The poem Miracle on St David's Day read by Simon Taylor
Dawn from Pride and Prejudice played on the piano by Sarah Assaf
Monologue from Accidental Death of an Anarchist performed by Flavia Corina Di Saverio
Paul Willcocks performing his own song
Deborah Ross reading her own poem
Same Thing Twice sung by Jonathan Norris
Monologue from Skylight performed by Emily Carmichael
A monologue by Stanley Holloway performed by Alison Liney
Duologue from Lungs performed by Sara Odeen-Isbister
Rob Ellis and Flavia Corina Di Saverio with Strawberry Fields Forever, Argentinian style!
A Shakespeare Sonnet read by Rosanna Preston
Somewhere from West Side Story played on ther piano by Sarah Assaf

Simon Lee and Janet South

 Edwardian Enactments
5th May 2020

Cast List

The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton
Mrs Slater : Katherine Kennet
Victoria Slater : Sondoss Akbari
Henry Slater : Simon Vaughan
Mrs Jordan : Myriam Laurent
Ben Jordan : Jonathan Norris
Abel Merryweather : Ian Hoare

Vote By Ballot by Harley Granville Barker
The Maid : Myriam Laurent
Lord Silverwell : Ian Hoare
Mrs Torpenhouse : Katherine Kennet
Noel : Simon Vaughan
Lewis Torpenhouse : Jonathan Norris


Production Team

Director : Stephen Brasher
Assisted by : Angelika Michitsch

 This Play Will Solve Climate Change, presented by the Reusable Theatre Company
12th May 2020

Cast List

Charlotte : Rosanna Preston
Amy : Siobhan Spooner
Marina : Ceci Stassi
Dana : Anca Vaida


Production Team

Created by Laura Baggaley
Director : Rosanna Preston
Stage Manager : Alice Cantazaro

 The First Night of 'Pygmalion' by Richard Huggett
19th May 2020

Cast List

Male Narrator : John Chapman
Female Narrator : Sara Odeen-Isbister
Bernard Shaw : Colin Guthrie
Mrs Patrick Campbell : Simona Hughes
Beerbohm Tree : Simon Taylor
Ensemble : Peter Novis
Ensemble : Dale Robertson
Ensemble : Myrn Devaney


Production Team

Director : Emilia Teglia
Assisted by : Angelika Michitsch

The Company of The First Night of 'Pygmalion'

 The Lockdown Review
26th May 2020


Sheila Burbidge
Jill Batty
Alison Liney
Peter Westbury
Colin Guthrie


Production Team

Director : Jean Carr
Assisted by : John Chapman
Music : Colin Guthrie

The Lockdown Revue

 Bubble by Kieran Hurley
2nd June 2020

Cast List

Anna Martinez : Emily Carmichael
Connor Whitelaw : Chitranschu Mahajan
Courtney Wheeler : Sara Odeen-Isbister
Jane Jennings : Sarah Asaf
Hannah River : Helen McGill
Preston Cleeves-Nordek : Adam Hampton-Matthews
Ruth Holybank : Britte de Groot
Professor William Barrett : Dale Robertson
Dr Naomi Hofferscheid : Landé Belo
Coach John Hornsby : Ben Grafton


Production Team

Director : Rob Hebblethwaite
Assisted by : Matthew Ibbotson

Bubble by Kieran Hurley, with Landé Belo and Ben Grafton

 Wedding Bells
9th June 2020

Cast List

Something Borrowed
Steve : Dickon Farmar

Best Man
: Adam Moulder
Father of the Bride : John Chapman

A Respectable Wedding
The Bride's Mother : Anne Connell
The Bride : Roxanne Cavanagh
The Bride's Sister : Alex Hedges
The Wife : Clare Janew
The Bride's Father : Ian Hoare
The Bridegroom : Adam Hampton-Matthews
The Friend : Matt Cranfield
The Young Man : Nick Edwards
The Husband : Paul Willcocks


Production Team

Directors : Julia Collier and John Chapman
Assisted by : Rob Hebblethwaite

 A Riddle of the Palms / Crocodiles by Femi Euba
16th June 2020

Cast List

A Riddle of the Palms
: Dale Robertson
Mr Bello : Martin Mulgrew
Mr Farro : Axel Kengne
Wine Seller : Jasmine Rachelle

: Peta Barker
Anna : Tyan Archer
Emman : Paul Willcocks
Bulai : Colin Guthrie
Drummer : Jacques Parraga Michitsch


Production Team

Director : Landé Belo
Assisted by : Angelika Michitsch
Sound : Colin Guthrie

A Riddle of the Palms with Axel Kenge

Crocodiles with Tyan Archer

 A Midsummer Night's Stream
23rd June 2020


Adam Moulder
Annemarie Fearnley
Colin Guthrie
David Taylor
Emily Carmichael
Gately Freeman
John Chapman
John Morton
Jonathan Norris
Maria Waters
Robert Pennant Jones
Pam O'Brien
Peta Barker
Ruth Sanderson


Production Team

Directors : Jean Carr and John Chapman
Music by : Colin Guthrie and Jonathan Norris

The final scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream was performed by :
Fairies : Jonathan Norris, Ruth Sanderson
Theseus : David Taylor
Hippolyta : Karen Walker
Philostrate : Colin Guthrie
Quince/Prologue : Maria Waters
Snout/Wall : Gately Freeman
Bottom/Pyramus : John Chapman
Flute/Thisbe : Adam Moulder
Snug/Lion : Peta Barker
Starveling/Moonshine : Tom Tillery
with the Epilogue read by special guest Lucy Ellinson

A Midsummer Night's Stream, with Robert Pennant Jones

A Midsummer Night's Stream, with Annemarie Fearnley

 Ten Minute Takeover
30th June 2020

The Plays

The King's Counsel by Andy Marchant
D I V O R C E by Caroline Doyle
A Lesson In Happiness by Matthew Partridge
Wishful Thinking by Julia Collier
Tocking Of Time by L.A. Green
The Stone Stranger by Nick Mouton
Scab by Ian Hoare
Il Cenacolo by Janet South

Production Team

Director : Andy Marchant
Assisted by : Rob Hebblethwaite



Adam Hampton-Matthews
Adam Moulder
Anne Connell
Annemarie Fearnley
Colin Guthrie
Emily McCormack
Ian Recordon
Jonathan Wober
Katie Smith
Landé Belo
Leon Chambers
Matthew Vickers
Nick Edwards
Pam O'Brien
Simona Hughes

The King's Counsel by Andy Marchant

Il Cenacolo by Janet South

 Appetite and Ambition
7th July 2020

The evening included extracts from

Don Juan by Molière
Performed by Simon Lee
Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
Performed by Ian Hoare
An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde
Performed by Gately Freeman
Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca
Performed by Pam O'Brien and Angharad Ormond
A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen
Performed by Beatrice Andrews and Menesh Patel
The Seagull by Anton Chekhov
Performed by Pam O'Brien and Ian Hoare
The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Performed by Gately Freeman and Simon Lee
Salome by Oscar Wilde
Performed by Emily Carmichael, Ian Hoare, Angharad Ormond, Adnan Kapadia, Menesh Patel, Gately Freeman and Pam O'Brien


Production Team

Director : Simona Hughes
Assisted by : Sarah Freeman and Matthew Ibbotson
Severed head made by Isaac Insley

Salome by Oscar Wilde, with Emily Carmichael

Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, with Angharad Ormond and Pam O'Brien

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, with Ian Hoare

An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde, with Gately Freeman

 Victorian Ventures
14th July 2020

Cast List

Mr Nightingale's Diary by Charles Dickens and Mark Lemon
Mr Nightingale : Jonathan Norris
Mr Gabblewig/Charles Dickens : Simon Vaughan
Tip, his tiger : Jacques Parraga-Michitsch
Slap : Carlos Fain-Binda
Lithers : Jon Gilmartin
Rosina : Myriam Laurent
Susan : Katherine Kennet

Engaged by W. S. Gilbert
Angus Macallister : John McSpadyen
Maggie Macfarlane : Ailsa Dann
Mrs Macfarlane : Anna Dimdore
Belvawny : Axel Kengne
Belinda Treherne : Cymbre Barnes
Minnie Symperson : Rachael Harrison
Cheviot Hill : Sean McMullan
Major McGillicuddy : Jacques Parraga- Michitsch
Parker, the maid : Alison Liney
Mr Symperson : Jon Gilmartin


Production Team

Director : Stephen Brasher
Assisted by : Matthew Ibbotson

Mr Nightingale's Diary with Simon Vaughan and Katherine Kennet

Engaged with Sean McMullan, Ailsa Dann and John McSpadyen

 Vampire Night
21st July 2020

Cast List

Coffee Date by Chris O'Dea
Lucy Wylder
: Clare Jones
Rose Yasbeck : Jasmine Rachelle

The Phantom by Dion Boucicault
Davy : Andy Marchant
Janet : Helen McGill
Lucy Peveryl : Sarah Assaf
Lord Albert Clavering : Matthew Ibbotson
Maude : Lyla Smith-Abass
Alan Raby : Dale Robertson
Hugh Neville of Greystock : Matt Cranfield
Sir Guy Musgrave : Aron Von Andrian
Ellen : Flavia Di Saverio


Production Team

Directors : Emily Carmichael and Katie Smith
Assisted by : Landé Belo
Sound : Colin Guthrie
Original artwork : Wendy Parry.

Coffee Date with Clare Jones and Jasmine Rachelle

The Phantom with Andy Marchant and Dale Robertson

 New Writing Extravaganza
28th July 2020

The Plays

Each Fallen Robin by Emily Carmichael
Will : Simon Vaughan
Fran : Katherine Kennet

I'm Not Alone Anymore written and performed by Jessica Irwin

Bridget by Dan Usztan
Gill : Sue Brodie
Becky : Emily Deane


Production Team

Directors : Ruth Sullivan and Dan Uzstan
Assisted by : Angelika Michitsch
Sound : Ruth Sullivan

 A Legal Murder by Ian McCutcheon
4th August 2020

Cast List

Host : Matthew Ibbotson
Ivor Penn : Matthew Vickers
Hugh Balls : Simon Lee
Annette Curtain : Janet South
Dick Withers : Herschel Pant
Flavia Ovthamonth : Flavia De Silverio
Mike Rowchip : Peta Barker
Olive Stone : Ruth Sullivan
Penny Sterling / Lou Brush : Lucy Moss
Ann Natomie : Sara Odeen-Isbister
Malcolm Powder : Jonathan Wober


Production Team

Directors : Simon Lee and Matthew Ibbotson
Interludes written and performed by Jonathan Norris
Music written and performed by Tamara Douglas-Morris

The final evening of the first season : A Legal Murder by Ian McCutcheon