Virtual Tower : Season 4
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The fourth season of "Virtual Tower" ran from May to July 2021.

 In Their Own Write an anthology of letters curated by Jean Carr
4th May 2021

An evening celebrating three millennia of letter writing and the enduring appeal of personal letters, the stories they tell and the lives of the men and women who wrote them - remarkable letters by famous and less known writers across the centuries and around the world - featuring the most extensive Virtual Tower cast yet to bring the original words of the letters to life.

Richard Kirby
Tyan Archer
Deepa Sutherland
Simon Lee
Lucy Moss
Sara Odeen - Isbister
Janet South
Jonathan Norris
Niki Mylonas
Alison du Cane
Axel Kengne
Peta Barker
Sarah Wenban
Gately Freeman
Jacquie Cassidy
John Morton
Sheila Burbidge


Rachana Reddy
Sangita Modgil
Joe Lewis
Angelika Michitsch
Ryan Williams
Jonathan Wober
Leigh Hughes
Emily Carmichael
Rahul Singh

Katie Smith
Matthew Vickers

Production Team
Director : Jean Carr
Design and Technical Support : Matthew Ibbotson


 Dramatic Soup
2nd June 2021

Movement, myths and modern tales. Andy Marchant and Angelika Michitsch presented stories that raise the dead and those inspired by seclusion in an evening of Dramatic Soup with the following ingredients :


Passing the Spoon - 9 epitaphs that took you to the small town of Spoon River and reveal much about the lives, relationships and demise of its residents.

Performed by :
Lyla Abass, Tyan Archer, Emily Carmichael, Flavia Corina di Saverio, Angelika Michitsch, Sangita Modgil, Rachana Reddy, Vanessa Wilson and Samantha Wright

Production Team
Director : Angelika Michitsch
Visuals and Sound : Angelika Michitsch and Lucy Ellis
Technical Support and Editing : Kejenne Beard

A Taste of Isolation - 8 plays from the 10 Minutes A Month Playwriting Collective written during Lockdown. A Loctology if you will, embracing sloth, conflict, fragility, rejection, exorcism, conjunctions, being enclosed and Armageddon.

Performed by :
Emily Carmichael, Jonathan Wober, Pam O'Brien, Sara Odeen-Isbister, Matthew Ibbotson, Colin Guthrie, Annemarie Fearnley and Leon Chambers.

Curated by Andy Marchant